Tuesday, 10 June 2014

HTML Page Sitemap Reviewed Wordpress Plugin

We recently created a website that transitioned from HTML to Wordpress, andobviously for SEO purposes, and human use, an HTML sitemap was necessary. We tried multiple HTML sitemap plugins during this time. In the time it took to install and uninstall the useless one's we could have manually created one. I 'm glad we persevered to try the HTML Page Sitemap plugin though as it is extremely compact and easy to use.

"Adds an HTML (Not XML) sitemap of your blog pages (not posts) by entering the shortcode [html_sitemap]"
The shortcodes make it easy to exclude certain pages that any novice WordPress user can do it by following the simple directions. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who needs an HTML sitemap for their Wordpress site.
HTML Page Sitemap
Date published: 06/11/2014
5 / 5 stars

Plugin Screenshot:

HTML Page Sitemap Review

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