Sunday, 22 June 2014

Great Plugin: Bulk City Landing Pages for Wordpress

Today's review is on the Bulk City Landing Pages (BCLP) plugin by Picobarn

TIP: I would HIGHLY recommend building your page in Wordpress first as a draft using a city name. 
1. Check the visual tab and when it looks how you want, copy the code from the text tab.
2. Put the code you copied in a word doc, use find & replace to add the [pb-city] shortcode
3. Insert the new code from the word doc into the BCLP plugin area, and voila - perfect bulk pages every time!

Wordpress plugin creates Multiple Geographically Targeted Landing Pages instantly using dynamic text.
This is a great plugin. It is one of the few bulk page creators that actually delivers what it sets out to do. There are many bulk page creators out there that don't perform anywhere near as good as this. It is easy to use, and even allows HTML in the page creation, making it full-proof every time.
Bulk City Landing Pages
Date published: 06/23/2014
5 / 5 stars

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